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Daily Tour

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10 people


English, Francais, German, Italian, Polish, Russian


The experience begins from your hotel, where we head for the East, towards the settlement of Kalo Horio, the lacy coast of Merambello, as it is called.

Arriving in Kalo Horio, we head for the village of Prina, and somewhere in the middle of our route we reach the Apiary, located in a magical landscape filled with pine trees, flowers, different herbs and an incredible view of the East. The position of the Apiary is not accidental, as the Cretans were the first to place their bees facing the East, because an eastern exposure is necessary for the bees as full sunlight is produced in this position.

An experienced beekeeper will be waiting there for you who will offer you a journey into the world of bees. He will describe with great enthusiasm the perfect bee society and the special role each one plays in it, starting from the worker bees and drones to the queen.

Observe carefully as you will be participating personally in this experience and with the help of the beekeeper and always wearing the special gear which will be given to you, you will have the opportunity to open your own beehive as well as taste the delicious honey directly out of the honeycomb itself.

So indulge yourself in the magic of this experience and enrich your knowledge on this incredible insect. Einstein once said, ‘if the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.’

Our next stop is at the shepherd’s hut, located at an altitude of 1100 metres. In this hospitable place you will have the opportunity to find out all about the lifestyle of a shepherd and experience the traditions of Crete, such as milking, shearing and feeding the goats and the sheep, the production of traditional cheese, gathering of herbs and lots more.

Also, there you will try traditional raki and also taste delicious Cretan delicacies from the hospitable hosts, and you will have the chance to buy traditional products that are put up for sale.

Don’t miss this unique one in a life time opportunity offered to you and return to your country inspired by the colours and aromas of the Cretan land.


  • Honey tasting
  • Honey tasting directly from the honeycomb
  • Polem tasting
  • Opening of your own beehive
  • Buying several products of honey that are put up for sale
  • Milking and feeding the goats
  • Making your own cheese

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3 4 people 4 4 €960,00
4 5 people 5 5 €1.260,00
5 6 people 6 6 €1.550,00


  • multilanguage driver/guide
  • SUV car
  • Fuels
  • Parking fees
  • Cretan Delicacies
  • Gratuities


5 – 7 hours

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from €350,00
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