In The Mediterranean Sea And At The Crossroads Of Three Continents (Europe, Asia And Africa), Lies Crete, An Island Approximately 257 Km Long, With A Landscape Of Rare Beauty That Features Steep Mountains, Fertile Plains And Sandy Beaches.

An Island Full Of Surprises And Contrasts, Which Charms Visitors From The Very First Moment With Its Colorful Landscape, The Unaffected Settlements Of Its Hinterland, The Warm And Welcoming Nature Of The Cretans, The Variety Of Its Products, The Famous Minoan Paths And Its Excellent Cuisine That Serves As The Base For The Famous Mediterranean Diet.

Motivated By Our Love For This Land And The Centuries-old Cretan Hospitality We Have Created Special Routes For Our Guests To Feel And Experience The Unspoilt Crete. The Fresh Air And The Salty Sea Breeze, The Mountain And The Sea And The Cretan Fauna And Flora. Flavours, Images And Feelings To Take With You Back Home!

Lay Back And Let Us Take You On This Fascinating Journey.

Your Sole Obligation Would Be To Inform Us Whether We Have Succeeded Or Not.

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